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Modestish Styled Your Way

Abayas have always been a part of modest women's wardrobes, and they are a real emblem of eternal grace and modesty. But in this day and age, this culturally significant cloak-like garment is worn with a distinct charm and confidence by modern, modest ladies. Abaya designs are no longer seen merely as conventional garments.

Your style, your rules! Step into the realm of bold self-expression and timeless elegance with Kayfi – the epitome of modern modestish fashion! Embrace your uniqueness as modesty meets contemporary styles, creating a fine fusion of fun, grace, and individuality. Join the movement of trendy progressive women, empowering values, and savouring the freedom to be unapologetically YOU.

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Best Sellers

Shaikh Annie
Shaikh Annie

They have really amazin’ Abaya with smooth nd soft stuff.. I’ve tried their 2 Abaya and highly recommend to all of you ladies. Must try their amazin outfit and you won’t get disappointed!

Hamna Hann
Hamna Hann

Really loved their collections more beautiful than the pictures . Also high quality material, super soft and light weight

India Mira
India Mira

Kayfi provides customers with a wide variety of choices. Kaftans are the best items you can buy from there. I strongly recommend it for women.

Michelle Cronje
Michelle Cronje

I love love love the champaigne modest dress I bought from them! Will definitely buy the matching Abaya. Quality 100% materials that are soft, lightweight and breatheable. Perfect for Dubai weather!

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